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With features chiseled in stone, and renowned for playing a long list of historical figures, particularly in Biblical epics, the tall, well built and ruggedly handsome Charlton Heston was one of Hollywood's greatest leading men and remained active in front of movie cameras for over sixty years. Actor The Green Slime. Following his final role as a guest star on Murder, She Wrote , Horton retired from Actor The Searchers.


His parents met at the University of Arkansas, and when he was almost four his family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his teens, he acted in productions of the North Shore Children's Actor The Fugitive. David took the surname of his stepfather, Eugene Janssen. The Janssen family settled in Hollywood Actress Riffraff. Firmly managed by her mother, she trained in voice at a fairly early age and received her first break in the entertainment field after signing with the John Robert Actor Lucky Boy. George Jessel gained fame in vaudeville, where it was not uncommon for him--and other performers, such as Al Jolson , Eddie Cantor --to perform in blackface, and in fact at age 11 Jessel was Cantor's vaudeville partner.

Jessel acted in several movies in the '30s and became a respected film producer. Actress Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Carolyn Jones was born April 28, , in Amarillo, Texas. Her mother was Jeannette and her sister was Bette Moriarty. She was an imaginative child, much like her mother.

In , her father abandoned the family and her mother moved them in with her parents, also in Amarillo. As a child Carolyn Actor Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. With a barrel-chested swagger and cocky, confident air, the 6'4" brawny baritone Keel had MGM's loveliest songbirds swooning helplessly for over a decade in what were some of the finest musical films Actor Forbidden Planet. Jack Kelly started acting at age two, modeling in soap ads and garnering a lifetime supply of soap for his pay.

Jack continued to model until the age of nine when he appeared in his first play with Hope Emerson called "Swing Your Lady". Broadway shows and radio followed until his family moved to Actor High Noon. Actor From Here to Eternity. All of his grandparents were immigrants from Northern Ireland. He was a tough street kid who took an early interest in gymnastics.

He joined the circus as an acrobat and Actress Death Wish. One of the most natural beauties of the s with a gentle voice and personality to match, blonde Hope Lange was born in Redding Ridge, Connecticut, and performed on stage from the age of nine. She studied both drama and dance under Martha Graham , did some modeling and then worked in stock Actress The Manchurian Candidate. The daughter of an actress and the granddaughter of a high-ranking politician, Angela Brigid Lansbury studied acting from her youth, departing for the United States in during the Battle of Britain.

Actor The Fighting Rookie. Eventually, he became well-known to Actress Lady and the Tramp. At age four her mother died. Peggy's father, a railroad station agent, remarried but later left home, leaving Peggy's care entrusted to a stepmother who physically abused her. Peggy later memorialized this in the Actor The Nutty Professor. Jerry Lewis born March 16, was an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

He is known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio. He was originally paired up with Dean Martin in , forming the famed comedy team of Martin and Lewis Actor Champagne for Caesar. He was married to Lois Foerster. Actor In a Lonely Place. Square-jawed, intense, no-nonsense Frank Lovejoy played a succession of detectives, street cops, reporters, soldiers and such over his career. Actress The Young and the Restless.

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She was married to Robert F. Klein and Robert J. Actress Written on the Wind. The blonde, sultry, dreamy-eyed beauty of Dorothy Malone, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, took some time before it made an impact with American film-going audiences.

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But once she did, she played it for all it was worth in her one chance Academy Award-winning "bad girl" performance, a role quite Actress Terms of Endearment. Her brother, Warren Beatty , was born on Actress Champion. The less famous, but still undeniably talented, of the "Marilyn" sex symbols of the s and s was born Marvel Marilyn Maxwell in Clarinda, Iowa on August 3, she later began using her middle name professionally at the suggestion of Louis B.

As a teenager, she worked as an usher Actress White Heat. Virginia Clara Jones was born on November 30, in St. Louis, Missouri, the daughter of a newspaper reporter and his wife. The family had a rich heritage in the St. Louis area: her great-great-great-grandfather served in the American Revolution and later founded the city of East Saint Louis, Actor RoboCop.

Irish-born Dan O'Herlihy decided not to follow in his father's footsteps, forsaking the life of an architect in favour of the acting profession. The tall, distinguished-looking university graduate boasted a rich, resonant voice, which enabled him to easily find work in radio plays, as well on the Actor Lady of Burlesque. His five brothers all became policemen, encouraged on by their father, but Hartford-born Irish-American Michael O'Shea defied family tradition and turned to acting. Born on March 17, , Michael dropped out of school at age 12 and went the vaudeville route, touring with his boxing idol Jack Actor The Phantom Empire.

He was married to Beryl Davis.

Actor Laura. Actor, raconteur, art collector and connoisseur of haute cuisine are just some of the attributes associated with Vincent Price.

He was born of Welsh ancestry to prosperous parents "not rich enough to evoke envy but successful enough to demand respect". His uniquely cultivated voice and persona Actor Some Like It Hot. George Raft was born and grew up in a poor family in Hell's Kitchen, at the time one of the roughest, meanest areas of New York City. His parents were both of German descent. In his youth, Actor The Pajama Game. One of the top Broadway baritones of the post WWII period, John Raitt maintained an incredibly resilient career that spanned over 60 years, showing remarkable power, range and stamina for a man who defied the odds by concertizing well into his 80s.

He was born in Santa Ana, California in , the Actress It's a Wonderful Life. A small town - a population of less than 3, people - Denison was located by the Boyer River, and was the county seat of Crawford County. Donna grew up as a farm girl, much like many young Actress Calamity Jane.

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No two people seemed to have the same reaction. She had long since abandoned the idea of letting Mr Ryerson sleep; now she scurried about trying to keep her family together. There were six to get ready—her husband, three children, governess and maid—and the children seemed so slow. Finally she gave up on her youngest daughter; just threw a fur coat over her nightgown and told her to come on.

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There seemed all the time in the world to Mrs Lucien Smith. Slowly and with great care she dressed for whatever the night might bring—a heavy woollen dress, high shoes, two coats and a warm knitted hood. All the while Mr Smith chatted away about landing in New York, taking the train south, never mentioning the iceberg. As they started for the deck, Mrs Smith decided to go back for some jewellery. Here Mr Smith drew the line. As a compromise Mrs Smith picked up two favourite rings. Closing the door carefully behind them, the young couple headed up towards the boat deck.

Close behind came the Countess of Rothes and her cousin Gladys Cherry. They had difficulty putting on their lifebelts, and a passing gentleman paused to help them. He topped off the courtesy by handing them some raisins to eat. The things people took with them showed how they felt. Adolf Dyker handed his wife a small satchel containing two gold watches, two diamond rings, a sapphire necklace and Swedish crowns. Lawrence Beesley stuffed the pockets of his Norfolk jacket with the books he had been reading in bed.

Norman Campbell Chambers pocketed a revolver and compass. Mrs Dickinson Bishop left behind 11, dollars in jewellery, then sent her husband back for her muff. Major Arthur Peuchen looked at the tin box on the table in C Inside were , dollars in bonds, , dollars in preferred stock. He thought a good deal about it as he took off his dinner jacket, put on two suits of long underwear and some heavy clothes.

Then he took a last look around the little cabin—the real brass bed… the green mesh net along the wall for valuables at night… the marble washstand… the wicker armchair… the horsehair sofa… the fan in the ceiling… the bells and electrical fixtures that on a liner always look as if they were installed as an afterthought. Now his mind was made up. He slammed the door, leaving behind the tin box on the table. In another minute he was back. Quickly he picked up a good-luck pin and three oranges. As he left for the last time, the tin box was still on the table.