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More than 1, people attended the service, and another 11, watched online. On January 5, , the HCMA announced that they mourn the death of Breedlove and are encouraging their members to "tell their stories the same way as Ben. The Bill was introduced in January to Congress. Funds collected were used for educational efforts relating to the disease that claimed Breedlove's life.

Rager ", written and performed by Kid Cudi. Rager", began playing. Journey Kid can also be viewed on YouTube. Ben Breedlove Benjamin Breedlove.


Breedlove in September The Ben Breedlove Memorial Fund for Africa New Life takes boys off the streets of Rwanda and clothes, feeds and educates them while teaching them that Jesus has a plan for their lives. Retrieved December 28, American Broadcasting Company. Retrieved December 29, Huffington Post. December 28, Daily Mail. Retrieved Long story short, I had decided that after an adventurous freshman year of college out of state, I was ready to return to my beloved hometown, Austin, Texas.

The only problem was that by the time I had made this decision, I had missed nearly all of the application deadlines and found myself attending a community college about an hour outside of my hometown—in the middle of nowhere. To complicate things further, I had already completed almost all of the courses the community college had to offer, I had to tackle yet another round of transfer applications for the next semester, and I had to earn an academic scholarship in the process—not to mention, keep up with my student loans from the previous year.

Trying to make sense of all my frustrations, I read through all the stress I had just released into my journal:. Lord, I am stressed. Despite your calling to be anxious for nothing, I feel myself becoming overwhelmed by the burden of my decisions, responsibilities, obstacles, and uncertainties. I feel that as soon as I accomplish one task, I am burdened with even more than what I began with.

I am nervous about making the grades I need to attain a better merit scholarship. I experience difficulty managing my time to complete all of my assignments fully, or to study thoroughly enough for my tests. I am afraid that even after putting forth my best effort in my academics, that I will be graded unfairly.

Ben Breedlove's parents remember his last days and YouTube video | Daily Mail Online

I feel pressured by the deadlines I have to meet for admission. I feel that there is always a technical problem with the application process. I feel like nothing is working out. I am afraid that [my current school] will not report back to the loan company in time to notify [my previous school] to release the financial hold on my account to mail my transcript. I am afraid that I will not receive any financial aid.

I am afraid that no one will be able to take over my lease. I am afraid of not being with [my boyfriend]. I am afraid of being stuck in a town I dislike, and graduating with a degree that does me no good.

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I am afraid of disappointing my parents and losing credibility. I am afraid of not being successful. What am I going to do with my life? What is my purpose? Later that night, I spoke with my dad over the phone through tears, hoping he could give me some direction. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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Similar ebooks. See more. Ken Abraham. Desegregation had emotions running high. The town was a powder keg ready to erupt. But it was also on the verge of something incredible. Eddie Sherlin and Bill Ligon were boys growing up on opposite sides of the tracks who shared a passion for basketball. They knew the barriers that divided them--some physical landmarks and some hidden in the heart--but those barriers melted away when the boys were on the court.

After years of playing wherever they could find a hoop, Eddie and Bill entered the rigors of their respective high school teams. And at the end of the season, all-white Gallatin High and all-black Union High faced each other in a once-in-a-lifetime championship game. What happened that night would challenge Eddie and Bill--and transform their town. This New York Times bestseller is a fast-paced true story of courage, determination, character, and forgiveness.

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Crystal McVea. An inspirational memoir of near-death experience, rebirth, divine mercy, and finding faith.

BEN BREEDLOVE (Tribute Video)❤

On December 10, , McVea, a thirty-two-year-old mother of four, went to the hospital for a routine procedure. While undergoing treatment, her face suddenly turned a dark shade of blue, then black.

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Her mother screamed for help, and a nurse tried to revive her…to no avail.