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Bring a jacket for your child as it gets cold in the theatre.

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If your child enjoys wearing hoodie type jackets, bring one that has a hoodie as it can help reduce the sound for him. Bring a highly preferred snack. This works for typical children too! Plan for success but go in with minimal expectations. Some theaters will give you your money back if you need to leave and the movie has barely started.

Call about this ahead of time if this is important to you. Good luck — I hope you and your child have a great time at the movies! Would you like to download checklists and printables designed to simplify your life so you can strive for your goals? Get access to my FREE resource library below.

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View the Details. I would suggest calling the local hospitals and speaking with them regarding this assessment. They may also know a feeding therapist to refer you to. Hello, my 3 yr old son has diagnosis of autism.

Autism Facial Feature - Aspergers Facial Characteristics

He was recently re-evaluated in speach and the therapist commented that his receptive language is quite a bit lower than his expressive. I see a lot of info for the other way around but not much on this scenario. Is it that uncommon? Hi Jill, This is not uncommon especially with the diagnosis of Autism. Usually it is difficult to figure out what these children truly understand because of the inconsistency in responding.

Because of this they often will not test well especially when it comes to receptive language. My grandson is a 6 year old and was diagnosed with mild autism. His social skills are quite well that is he has eye contact and practically understands everything in the sense that his receptive is much higher than his expressive and except for a few garbled words he power of speech is next to none.

We tried all sorts of tests and examination with psychologists, nutritionist, speech therapists and even psychiatrists. I she destined to remain in such a state? Charles, Unfortunately, without meeting your grandson it is not possible for me to give my opinion on his prognosis. In general, most children with high functioning Autism do speak. Does he receive intensive speech therapy?

I mean if he past certain age most likely wont happen?.. I know if he could talk he will do much better in every other aspect, social , cognitive and adaptive.. Hi Iris, Thanks for all the information.

How Autism Affects Speech, Language and Eating

It is great to hear that your son is able to talk in short phrases. It is likely that he will keep making progress! You have so many concerns that are difficult to address without meeting him. Hi I am an early intervention teacher and I have a family concerned about their child. The child is between the ages of years. This child can speak in full sentences and was recently diagnosed with autism. Is ther anything we can do to assist this family, such as recommendations or activities to help her keep her tongue inside her mouth during these pronunciations?

Thanks so much for your assistance. My 26 month old son just has his speech evaluation this morning.

The ST said that he scored at a 17 month old level for cognitive… and his receptive speech was way lower than his expressive speech. This concerned me, I started looking online and all flags point to autism. Hi Tia, No it does not mean he has autism. Autism also impacts social skills and behavior.

I would recommend seeing a Developmental Pediatrician if you have concerns regarding the diagnosis of Autism. She also likes to scream, kick her feet on the floor, slam her fists together and also her knees on the floor..

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Could it be something else besides Autism? My 14 year old nephew has autism. My nephew is also type 1 diabetic. This makes it extra difficult for him and for her to help him control his diet.

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Even with the medication he is now taking to help control his sugars he tends to find some sugary substance to eat and puts his health in jeopardy. Just today he found his prescribed medicine and drank from the bottle because the substance was sweet. There have been several times where he has been taken to the hospital due to seizures. Hi Melissa, Without seeing your daughter it is not possible for me to give my opinion on her diagnosis. The behaviors that you described seem sensory based and I would definitely recommend an evaluation with an OT.

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Many children with and without special needs will behave differently outside of their homes than they do in their own homes which is their comfort zone. I would also recommend speech and language therapy if you are not already receiving it. Hi Isa, I wrote to you back on Jan 21, about my Granddaughter, who has Aspergers Syndrome, regarding her eating issues. Well miracles do happen.

20 Picture Books for Autistic Kids Who Love Space Themes

It is now January and she has expanded her diet considerbly. Since last month she has tried a new food every week and has liked every thing that she ate. I think the tactile sensory issue she has is may be out growing or the issue is getting better. In addition for a 11 yr old girl with Asperger Syndrome she is the most social child you would ever want to meet. She has changed so much in the last 2 yrs that it is amazing.

Her teachers in school are also amazed. She still has some mild issues, but if you did not know her, one would never guess that she had Aspergers. She loves to dance, sing, and most of all be on the stage in front of people. Give her a microphone and she is the happiest kid. This is so anti Aspergers. Praise the Lord Thanks for listesting. Hi June, Thank you for the awesome update!

Eating issues can improve with time and patience! Hi Helen, Autism is not something anyone outgrows even with therapy. It looks different at different ages however. Just like any child children with Autism will develop and change as they get older. If a child has grown out of Autism it is most likely that they never had Autism to begin with. Hi Carley, I agree with you that he needs to eat something. There are strategies to help him increase the variety of foods he will accept.

I have a list of feeding clinics around the country. Where do you live? My 26 mths son has ASD and already enrolled on therapy program 22hrs ABA, 6hrs OT , he is doing well academically and his motor skills improving but he has serious speech delays, we are going to add speech therapy to his program and my question is how many hours monthly will be reasonable for his age?

From your experience for a mild autistic child what is the average hours should be introduced and what is the rate of development you normally see? My daughter has a son that will be a year old in 16 days.

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She is worried that because he was very verbal literally from birth with baby sounds and now much quieter. He says dada but nothing else not bye bye or Moma. Could this be a sign of autism? He plays with his toys but would much rather play with thing like draws in kitchen or stairs remote controlls. I fell this is normal but she is concerned because her girls talked really early. Sandy, What you are describing does not describe Autism; however, without seeing him I could not give you my opinion.

With that being said, he should be making more sounds at 16 months.

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  5. Raf, I would recommend at least 3 weekly speech sessions minutes.