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Zoe got released and secretly met with Jamie in the hospital's basement, telling him that she's not the one behind the crimes. Determined to find out the truth, Jamie got into clinical lead Archie Watson's office, where he found a suspicious briefcase. But after a brief moment, Archie returned to the office and threatened to call security. However, it was then revealed that the person behind the crimes was nurse Debbie, aka the 'Angel of Death', who admitted killing other patients just to save them from suffering.

TV tonight: the shady medical thriller Trust Me is back with more scares

Still, as much as viewers were waiting for the big revelation, many were annoyed that the whole episode was too dark to watch. Could someone please pay the light bill or get a flashlight? We need some light thrown on things. TrustMe it could be him I see they've had a power cut at the police station aswell TrustMe.

It's not surprising people are dying, the hospital is so dark the Doctors can't see what they're doing TrustMe. Surely hospitals are not always this dark.

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Turn on the bloody lights!!! Never explained why it was so dark and misty. There we go. The series two finale ended with the hint that Jamie still has his own demons to face, but there's no word yet on whether the cast will reprise their roles for a third series. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Type keyword s to search. TrustMe — Mai Maionegg May 7, Start my free trial. Watch the trailer.

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Margaux Baron TrustMe-ED is an incredible platform: you get to listen to brilliant people from all over the world, in the comfort of your own home, and you leave with valuable knowledge that can be applied clinically.. Patrick Slegtenhorst I run a physical therapy clinic in the Netherlands. Jules Sing The journey to become a biopsychosocial physiotherapist is a long and arduous process. Ben Cormack TrustMe - Ed is an awesome project.

Verena Kircher Studying physical therapy requires the ability to think critically, as you are entering a world full of things that may not be what they seem in the first place. Tamara Bonarrigo Why do I like TrustMe - Ed: I do not have much experience but I have the ambition to help at best any patient that presents to me… but patients are so diverse and there is a huge amount of knowledge out there that I still need to discover and apply.

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Low Back Pain - what it is and why we should pay attention. Jan Hartvigsen.

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