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If you weren't around during the '60s and '70s, perhaps you have wondered what those 20 years were all about. You are fortunate for within these pages the details are vividly recounted for you by this group of women so that you can learn from them. Learn that all women have a voice. We must be courageous enough to exercise it and stand tall after doing so. A long overdue and telling collection of prose and poetry emblematic of the times that were changing in the '60s and '70s. The stories shared lay out in honesty and detail the way things really were.

Nothing is held back and from these women we are reminded what life was then and where we've traveled to in For young women today, these stories will give you the courage and self-confidence to move forward with the continuation of the equalities and justice fought so hard to win and still needing to be fought for in some arenas.

Times They Were A-Changing: Women Remember the '60s & '70s

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via WOW! Women on Writing in exchange for a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed are my own. Nov 27, Renee Roberson rated it it was amazing. What makes Times They Were A-Changing stand out are the painstaking details thoughtfully included in each essay and poem.

Its darkness provided cover for white-sheeted monsters who hid their faces and flaunted intimidation. I worried that approaching headlights signaled Klansmen bearing down on us.

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My heart rate sped to the frenzied pace of dogs attacking peaceful demonstrators. While reading these essays, I felt the sorrow, the frustration, the confusion, the anger, and most of all, the determination of these women. How would I have responded to that? Times They Were A-Changing only further solidifies my gratitude for the women who paved the way before me so that I could get the chance to have the life I live.

Nov 11, Nina rated it it was amazing. This is an amazing collection of essays and poems detailing what their life was like then, and the profound impact of the 60s and 70s on women. I was instantly transported to the days of speaking out for political causes and social justice. I laughed, I cried, and I emerged with a renewed sense of why we protested and challenged the boundaries of society. Feb 22, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: memoir. Feb 02, Laura Holland rated it it was amazing. I read Times They Were a Changing: Women Remember the 60s and 70s months ago and enjoyed the anthology in its entirety and, yes, it reached my heart.

A combination of prose and poetry, the 48 works included are all personal, vivid and compelling accounts of aspects of life for women living in the 60s and 70s.

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As someone who came of age during that era, the book is a potent reminder of the promise and turmoil; the victories and strife; the music, the costumes; the love, love, love that was in the air. And there is something strong and solid, yet gentle, about the language of the book and the messages it contains. I wish I could say what it is about that particular one that struck me so deeply—perhaps it was because as a teen I slipped into many a car packed with friends as Amber did and went on adventures that changed me, but usually not in the ways I expected.

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I believe there is enough variety in this book—edited by Kate Farrell, Linda Joy Myers and Amber Lea Starfire—that there will be selections that deeply affect just about everyone interested in this period in history. A wonderful compilation of articles or stories from women of the sixties. All short pieces easy enough to read one before going to bed or to all read together for a whole view on life for women experiencing the sixties.

Loved reading about these women as their world reflected my own during that time period. I would have written one especially about Woodstock. I missed those. Jun 15, Bebe Sarah Brechner rated it it was amazing Shelves: most-memorable-books-since Highly recommended - an astonishingly creative, strongly evocative, authentic view of women's lives through this period of upheaval. The accounts are varied, and each story and poem brought me back into that era. Beautifully done!

Melody rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Sherry rated it liked it Jul 29, Gary Edelman rated it really liked it Feb 05, Michele Smollett rated it liked it Aug 14, I wish you success with your exploration of that era. Joy, thanks again for visiting with us today and sharing this look at how the book came to be.

The Times They Are a-Changin' (song)

That era has given us so much. Wishing you much success. It's a pleasure to be able to interact with so many people, to hear their stories, and see how the anthology resonates in one way or another with just about everyone. Age of Aquarius will be looping in my head all day now! This sounds like a great book for those of us who were teenagers in the era. We didn't have the Vietnam conflict in the U. I was in several places in the city where an IRA bomb went off shortly after I passed the area.

Shops in Oxford Street were bombed and even the Tower of London. Sad time for everyone. Ann, thank you for sharing your UK experience of that era. As Kate mentioned, the stories in the anthology do span the globe, though many are set in the U. I remember reading about the conflicts in Northern Ireland at that time I was also a teen in the mid 60s to mid 70s and feeling sad about all the pointless violence in the world.

I still feel that way! There was just something about that time and how we as a generation responded to the violence that stands out as a major change in mindset from previous generations. Do you agree? Blog Tour. It's a thrill to have the book out there, being presented and discussed.

It's amazing how global the changes were, and all at the same time. Ann, one of the stories takes place in London, , about feminism, how it grew out of the labor movement in the UK--actually a very powerful tale. Almost anyone can identify with how real it was to break social taboos and survive! Hope you enjoy reading about it all! Hi Lori, That was our thought as well: to gather these personal narratives before our generation vanished from memory. In fact, we received very few submissions from the early '60s. Don't you think that women's history is overlooked in most decades? Thanks for your good wishes.

Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by today and supporting the launch! I can honestly say I learned so much about this time period in our history by reading the essays and poems in this book.

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I do agree with Kate that women's history has been overlooked in most decades and will be excited to share this book with my daughter in just a few more years. We are excited to see the response to the amazing stories in this book--and also feel that they make good reading for the younger generation. What better way to learn about history but through memoirs?

Fantastic interview, ladies! I can't wait to read this book. Even though I was born in '72, I'm an Aquarius and always believed I should've grown up in the '60s! I'm interested to read Amber Lea's essay on Altamont and some of the other essays that handle tough topics.

Thank you for compiling these important stories and diverse voices! Hi Patricia, It does seem to be perfect timing, doesn't it?

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We're all thinking back to the tragic event 50 years ago and remembering the promise of Camelot this week. We're now facing a time of challenge similar to the '60s and can draw strength from these women's stories and poems. Thanks, Angela! You are such a supporter of women's voices. Those tough stories make good reading, but I can't say I have a favorite story or poem. Each one is unique --collectively they all create a fuller sense of history from a women's POV. Thanks, Renee! The way you set up this post is awesome.

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Appreciate it and the entire blog tour. I do agree that this book is a perfect holiday gift for mother and daughter, aunt and niece, and more. A real conversation starter! What better for the holidays? The diversity of the pieces in this anthology strike very different notes but make up a song that resonates well. The editors took great care to include views from varying vantage points and for that I am so proud to be included. It is so much more than memories; it is gratitude and inspiration all at once. I'd like to mention that the men depicted here are a study in change as well.