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Anklet of the Wind

I tend to be a pretty frenetic thinker — I scale emotional heights and dip to emotional lows many times a day just as part of being a live human person — so it felt very good to dress in one colour. It meant that at least one thing about me was very simple and straightforward and complete. I stopped dressing monochromatically almost a year ago when I realised that I wanted to be what I am, and not always try to control it. Occasionally, however, I still feel the need to dress in just one colour, and now I know that move is available to me.

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I am a fan of miniskirts , silk patterned dresses and things that might be seen as more traditionally femme. But I really like wearing outfits where I feel I am separated from qualifications that are put on gender.

I love vintage Kath arine Hepburn , as well as Hepburn later in her life and what she wears in the movie On Golden Pond. Right now I find myself trying to dress like characters in The Wind in the Willows — I really like those natural tones.

Son of the Wind Feature Broadway World. All you wanted to know about classical dance The Hindu. About Son of the Wind This tour-de-force kathak dance drama brings to life the hidden hero at the heart of the great Indian epic, Ramayana.

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Hanuman, son of the celestial female spirit, Anjana and Vayu, the mighty wind god, proves to be an integral force behind the rescuing of the kidnapped princess Sita, through his mischievous ingenuity and indomitable vigor. Told through dramatic storytelling, powerful movement, and exquisite costume design and lighting, this production exposes the contemporary relevance of a timeless story while capturing the hearts of all. Rumi DasGupta. Skip to content.

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