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Moriarty is blameless in the eyes of the law but Holmes knows him to be "the controlling brain of the underworld. Sherlock Holmes tells MacDonald that since he received an alert from Porlock it is probable that Professor Moriarty's influence exists in the matter.

MacDonald reminds Holmes that the professor is an educated and well respected man. Holmes informs MacDonald that although the Professor's salary is seven hundred pounds a year he owns a painting worth over forty thousand pounds and the Inspector agrees that this is suspicious.

John Douglas was murdered at around midnight and had been shot in the head. The house is an old manor with a moat and drawbridge. A man name Cecil Barker was staying at the house on the night the murder took place and was a regular guest of Mr and Mrs Douglas.

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The Valley of Fear (Annotated), a Sherlock Holmes Mystery : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle :

A sawn off shotgun was found at the scene. It appeared to have been fired at close range which caused the head to have been completely blown to pieces.

Cecil Barker claims that he was upstairs in his room when he heard the shot and rushed downstairs. The drawbridge was up at this time and Cecil claims that he lowered it in order to admit help.

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There is a mark of blood upon the window sill where someone seems to have entered. Cecil says that he thinks the intruder got away by wading through the moat but has no explanation for how the assailant entered the house in the first place unless he entered before that time and waited in the house. A card lays beside the body with the initials V. V scrawled in ink upon it. A small branded mark is seen on the man's arm but it has not been made recently. Douglas' wedding ring appears to have been taken from his hand which seems indicative since no others rings were taken. The police speculate that the murderer must have escaped across the moat but if this was so then the question of how he has so far eluded the police when all his clothes were wet as he walked through the town is a mystery.

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Novels

Holmes notices that Mr Douglas seems to have had only one dumbbell to hand in the study which strikes him as odd. From interviews with the people in the house more details about the events are established. Cecil Barker heard the shot, rushed down from his bedroom and entered the study and upon seeing Douglas murdered he rang violently on the bell. The servants and Mrs Douglas all rushed to the scene.

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Mr Barker persuaded Mrs Douglas to return to her room which she did. Plot Overview. Characters See a complete list of the characters in Hound of the Baskervilles and in-depth analyses of Sherlock Holmes, Dr.

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Important Quotations Explained. Jack Stapleton View More. Klinger's brilliant new annotations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's four classic Holmes novels in created a Holmes sensation.

The Valley of Fear - Sherlock Holmes Audiobook Sir Arthur Conan DOYLE

Klinger reassembles Doyle's four seminal novels in their original order, with over 1, notes, illustrations and period photographs, and tantalizing new Sherlockian theories. Inside, readers will find: A Study in Scarlet —a tale of murder and revenge that tells of Holmes and Dr. Watson's first meeting; The Sign of Four —a chilling tale of lost treasure Selected pages Page.

Table of Contents. Contents Preface.