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Farms are excellent at producing predictable results, however the tight constraints limit the opportunity for innovation and new ideas. The farm analogy thrives under traditional cost, command, and control leadership. This is the system that has been prevalent since the industrial revolution and is necessary within growing and established companies. After all, even Google doesn't want complete chaos within their doors. Cost, command, control leads to a high degree of certainty and consistency.


Though ideal in a production environment, this is not an ideal situation for innovation, creativity or ideation to thrive. In the book, the authors uncover the concept that "the principles that underlie biological systems are the same principles that underlie all living systems".

That is, innovation and human interactions are inherently more organic and subject to variance and unpredictability. This Rainforest approach, is a way to see the benefit of serendipity, randomness, and the unexpected. Rainforest supports the birth of new ideas, and untold random interactions that produce wonderful things.

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Where usually disparate entities who might not otherwise interact have the opportunity to connect, share ideas, build trust, and ultimately, commercialize their inventions. Can you cultivate a Rainforest within a farm? Rainforest inherently lack control mechanisms, but rather embrace powerful principles. Note that each of the Rainforest and the Farm has an important role in any thriving economy, and aspects of each are present everywhere.

The Rainforest does not seek to eliminate the farm, but to create a co-existing rainforest that can support the input of ideas and creativity to build new things. The Rainforest Scorecard was introduced into Alberta in as a tool for assessment, dialogue and action to improve the health of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem across the province. Twice per year Rainforest Alberta will use this assessment to get a snapshot of the robustness of the innovation ecosystem in the province.

Scores shall be assessed independently in both Edmonton and Calgary.

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The Assessment measures the level of support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in an ecosystem and is based on six Pillars:. I dentifying leaders and champions in the organization will be one of the most essential first steps in assessing innovative potential. Rainforest Alberta - yeg has a dedicated group of leaders who work to coordinate the various activities of the Rainforest to ensure that momentum keeps growing.

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The theory of the Rainforest is influenced by several breakthrough ideas in academia, including insights on sociobiology from Harvard, economic transactions from the University of Chicago, design theory from Stanford, and the latest research in neuroscience and social network theory, among others. With an unorthodox and entertaining narrative, the book reveals the mysterious mechanisms of Rainforests. Furthermore, the authors provide practical tools for listeners to design, build, and sustain new innovation ecosystems. The Rainforest will transform the way you think about technology, business, and leadership.

Listeners Also Bought See All. Over the past decade, our team has published on innovation culture, strategy, and leadership including applications to companies, institutions, communities, and innovation ecosystems.

Using our groundbreaking Rainforest Scorecard, we deliver innovation assessments in many kinds of settings: corporate, institutional, government, communities of practice, and entire regional innovation ecosystems. Based on an assessment you can make the most informed facilitation, education, and coaching investments. Complimentary download.

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We'll send you the results and analysis. Most people complete it in under 20 minutes.


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