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This new initiative provides free loans of textbooks to students challenged by high textbook prices. We are dedicated to improving the educational experience of low SES students by providing free semester long loans of textbooks in a lending library. This button brings you to the spreadsheet where you can see if the book you're looking for is in stock. Any questions, call the library at It's possible that we won't have the book you're looking for this semester.

But our team is collecting a list of titles requested and will get back to you ASAP so that you can plan for your courses. And here's a link to our request form to write down titles you need.

Lending Library

This small library is a bridge between Cornell and the regional library system. It's an independent Non-Profit organization, which means they do all kinds of things regular libraries can't — like running a prison correspondence program with over 4, members.

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Browse the rest of this website to learn more about all the library has to offer — like a venue for your next event, a self-serve cafe, and more. The Lending Library is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your health care professional if you have a specific health concerns.

If this is an emergency, please call Contact form submissions will be answered within the next business day. Lending Library Share.

Donating Books The lending library will only be available at the South office initially. As we build our inventory and ensure the lending system is working well, we plan to establish a library at each CCNW office.

We welcome donations of good condition, cancer-related books so we can expand the Lending Library. Books should be dropped off at the South office front desk.