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Stapen is an award-winning travel journalist and family travel guru. As a USA Today travel editor, she launched online sites and wrote features. Her travel articles appear in numerous outlets. Enjoying the 3,acre, mile-wide barrier spit between the Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean requires some motivation. To reach the park, overnighters must arrive by boat or by hiking or biking five miles through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Day visitors board a roundtrip tram. Water is available. The work is worth the rewards. From the windswept beaches, watch dolphins feed offshore; in the marshlands, discover ospreys and herons; and along the woodland trails, search for eagles in the treetops.

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At select times, the park offers guided kayak outings and other programs. The local favorite situated on a creek near the wildlife refuge serves sandwiches, burgers and crab cakes. Overlooking Whitefish Beach in Whitefish, Montana. But it's all the developments within the city itself that have kept us coming back time after time. Hotels are still affordable, and you can cover plenty of ground downtown on your own two feet, which makes tackling the Brewgrass Trail pretty handy. And if you don't want to walk, I highly recommend the Thirsty Peddler as your mode of transportation! My favorite neighborhood is the Distillery District, anchored by the old James E.

Pepper Distilling Co. Bonus: They make for great Instagram fodder.

At just three weeks of age, she took her first international flight and by her early teens had a well-worn passport. Choosing photography as a career, Stallinger was naturally drawn to travel as a photographic genre and has worked around the world on assignment. A bit off the beaten track with plenty to discover, it's a small town that feels more like Brooklyn or the downtown arts district in L.

You'll find live music, great places to eat, a few small hotels for every taste — from hipster to comfort — a few interesting small museums and great coffee.

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Boise, Idaho, the City of Trees. The city has many amenities, including a booming downtown scene with great restaurants and bars. And, surprisingly, Boise is home to the largest Basque community in the United States. With a Basque museum, a cultural center and tapas restaurants, the vibrant Basque scene adds to the beauty of this city.

When she's not cooking or baking, she can be found daydreaming about her next adventure. The unique burger was featured on the Cooking Channel. The town has a Hamptons-esque vibe and sits on the banks of the Hudson River.

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To get some real deals, head 20 minutes away to the Woodbury Commons outlet center. The south is known for feeding you well, so you are able to get a lot for your money. You have the chance to discover the music, food and history of this real plantation and walk away with a touching experience the whole family will enjoy. There are plenty of places to visit that offer air conditioning for those hot summer days, so you're sure to stay cool. A bridge over a creek and pathway in the summer at Indiana University in Bloomington. The pair recently returned from a disastrous year-long honeymoon.

You can follow their laugh-out-loud stories and practical travel advice on Instagram practicalwanderlust. During the summer, budget-friendly Bloomington is bright, buzzing, green and blissfully empty. In that case, guests share other rooms and facilities with the family. The name says it all.

In many countries, the original budget hotels were set up for nationals of their own country: traveling businessmen, families, and couples.

Many of those hotels still exist and are still visited mainly by local travelers, though westerners are generally welcome too. In Asia, these places might be very noisy, with thin walls, blaring TVs, and guests talking very loudly. Then again, they might be very quiet. Ever since the mass international budget travel industry took off a few decades ago, hundreds and thousands of budget hotels have been built that are geared mainly to western budget travelers.

Prices and standards vary tremendously. They may essentially be the same as guest houses, home stays or hostels. Or they may be very much like hotels, with a cheap price tag. These places are found all over the world, even in large US cities. They had an international membership system, but also accepted guests who were not members, at a slightly higher fee. They offered the cheapest accommodation available to travelers at that time, almost exclusively in dorm rooms with common bathrooms.

They usually had a kitchen and cooking facilities, a common gathering room, and sometimes laundry facilities and a restaurant. They were set up in converted houses or large city buildings all over the world. Mostly young travelers stayed at hostels, but travelers of all ages were welcome too. The concept is the same.

They usually have lots of information about sights, activities, tours, bus and train schedules in the area. They generally can book transport and various tours. So many hostels abound that different types have sprung up. Some are geared to energetic party animals and are quite noisy and raucous. Other hostels are much quieter and have curfews, lights out times, or quiet hours at night. There are even trendy, upscale hostels in some major cities, sporting designer interiors, the latest tech appliances and gadgets, and price tags of hotels.

Indonesian budget hotels and guest houses, geared for local travelers, not international visitors. Otherwise, losmen are much the same as guest houses, homestays, or budget hotels. They are usually clean, well maintained, and comfortable. If you prefer to take a guided tour which can work out cheaper if you factor in getting around Bago by taxi , you can find out more and check tour prices here.

However, there is a lot more to do in Bagan than most people realise. Want to book a hot air balloon ride over Bagan? This is an activity you should plan ahead. Click here to read reviews and check prices on TripAdvisor. Click here for latest prices. It is a domestic terminal only. Click here to compare flight prices and routes with Skyscanner. Be aware than most buses travel ay night.

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One of the highlights of my trip was taking the boat from Bagan to Mandalay. Of course, you can take the boat in the opposite direction too. You can read more, including details for booking, in my post: Taking the Boat from Bagan to Mandalay. The lake is by far the main attraction at Inle Lake and your priority should be a trip on the water. It is possible to book a tour of the lake when you arrive but be aware that not all tours are created equally. I booked ahead with Rickshaw Travel and my tour included a night on the lake though you have to book that tour as part of a longer package in Myanmar.

More details in my post above. Nyangshwe has very little to entertain besides cafes and restaurants. Most of the accommodation is located in nearby Nyuangshwe with a range of budget to luxury options. I would, however, recommend at least one night on the lake for the sunrise and sunset views.

Heho is a domestic terminal only. Courtesy of knee surgery a few months before my trip , hiking was firmly off my agenda. However, hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake or vice versa is a very popular option in Myanmar. When should you go? High season which is both the most popular but also the driest season is November to February. Myanmar has a wet season unlike most of the rest of SouthEast Asia — it pours, sometimes relentlessly compared to the once a day heavy showers of most monsoons. This can make for some pretty miserable trekking conditions. You can take a tour for the same price and if you spend a little more, you can find a tour that will give you a wider tour of Mandalay including lunch.

Tam Coc Bungalow – Riverbanks Hostel in the “Ha Long Bay on rice paddies”

Click here to check tour details, reviews and prices on TripAdvisor. However, be aware that the city is sprawling necessitating taxis and taxi prices are high.

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Were it not for the U-Being bridge, I would have happily skipped Mandalay altogether. Luxury: Mandalay Hill Resort. However, be aware that the airport is about 20 miles outside the city, which can be time consuming over an hour and costly due to the traffic. Internationally, you will connect with more destinations by flying from Yangon.