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Hui-Shin Wong. Amore: The Indication of Civilization in 22nd Century has a website, Thus, I am going to act as a match making private party for rich and powerful families' next generation with those who trust me. If you want to be like me and being matched to rich and powerful families' next generation, please ping me. Oh yes, you must be fluent in English and Mandarin as the first criteria.

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Thank you! See More. I am glad that I managed to sell 18 copies of "Sunshine Little Kitch Due to lack of reliable resources around me, I have to travel around the world to solve the "Puzzle"! It can not denied that Internet and Books provide information. However, I am skeptical to believe the knowledge and the information gathered from the Internet and some books.

I am very stubborn because I believe my principle of life is correct; those information from some books and Internet are wrong.

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Thus, I have traveled the world to work on a research for the solution of my queries. Eventually, I found the answers for a better place to live for human beings.

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It is always a grey area because we are Human Beings. This is the knowledge about Ethics, Economic, Politics and Law. Wong Hui Shin.

It is an interesting knowledge. I would like to share my findings for a better place to live for every one in the world. I am born in a decent and respectful family which needs a lot of hard work for living.

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My parent and my grandparent are farmers. I used to work in farm under the sun when I was young. It is never a poor, but, yet, only a decent life.

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Coupled with the nuances of the human mind that perceive every situation as colorful as a kaleidoscope. She believes that everyone can dream and everything is possible. The world-wind story begins with three adventurous musketeers bound for Thailand

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