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Graham was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and he spent the early part of his youth roaming the coast and climbing sea cliffs.

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His love of his home and of the sea led him to his choice of studies - Scottish and Maritime History studied at Strathclyde and Exeter Universities respectively, and his thesis provided the core of his book A Maritime History of Scotland Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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    Seawolves: Pirates and the Scots. Publisher: Birlinn Ltd , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title During this period, many Scots left their hard lives in places like Aberdeen, Stornoway and Orkney in order to find fortune, adventure and fame on the dangerous high seas of more exotic locations like Madagascar, Brazil or the Caribbean.

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    4. Review There is no evidence that Bowrey ever purchased shares in the Scottish company. In this letter, MacKenzie was attempting to allay concerns of Bowrey and his friends about the terms being proposed.


      From the high seas to the Leith gallows

      In particular, he denies that the Scots Company was negotiating with a Captain Aprill. Captain Thomas Green, his senior officers and many of his crew were ashore in Leith and Edinburgh when Roderick MacKenzie carried out a carefully planned operation the start of which was signalled by the Royal Mary , a Scottish warship who then stood guard to ensure that no English ship came to the aid of the Worcester.

      Leading eleven carefully selected gentlemen, MacKenzie boarded the Worcester in a convivial manner , pretending he wished to speak with Green. They drank with the remaining officers before suddenly drawing their weapons, overpowering the crew and taking the ship. On this day in , Thomas Bowrey drafted a petition to Queen Anne on behalf of himself and the other owners and freighters of the Worcester and cargo. The seizure of the Worcester was claimed to have been in reprisal for the seizure of the Annandale by the East India Company.

      Slavery and the Slave Trade

      A substantial sum but I doubt that the petitioners were in the distressed Condition the petition claims. They wanted Queen Anne to issue Letters of Reprisal against the Scots Company or by such other ways as she in her great Wisdome should seem meet. On this day in , the ship Worcester was lying at anchor in the Leith Road off Edinburgh. After the failure of their attempt to colonise the Darien peninsula and other business ventures, the Company was in severe financial difficulties. In a last ditch attempt to salvage something by recovering a cargo lost in the Malacca Strait, they purchased a majority share in an armed London merchantman they renamed the Annandale.

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      Earlier in , the English seized this ship whilst she was being fitted out on the Thames. Initial efforts in the Courts by the Scots to have the Annandale released had failed. The Scots Company had appealed but, by the 6 August, they were still waiting for the appeal to be heard and were increasingly losing patients with what they claimed was the blatant, state-approved, English aggression.

      Seawolves: Pirates and the Scots by Eric J. Graham

      They were considering retaliation in kind…. Keen to demonstrate that he had wasted no time after taking longer than expected on his journey from London, Smith had already met with Mr Stewart and had another meeting arranged for later in the day. Since his letter from Doncaster, his journey had been slowed by Monsoon rains.