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Why we do not have this right, why on the contrary we have an obligation towards what is not yet and 'in itself' and does not have to be, at least what is non-existent has no claim to existence, is theoretically not easy at all and" - he typically adds - "perhaps not at all to justify without religion" 1.

BrockerVsJonas: this is a performative contradiction to Jonas' own actions. Furthermore, it is questionable how religious foundations, which Jonas assumes have largely disappeared 2 , can achieve this. It is not an experience when the child touches the flame. It is only an experience when the movement is associated with the pain. I 72 DeweyVsKant: unlike Kant's idea of the synthetic activity of the mind, we are never dealing with a chaotic manifoldness.

Our senses always supply already interpreted material. Experience: experience is a collection of unreasonable customs. Skill, not insight. Pro empiricism. Dann und nur dann integriert es sich. Dew II J. We are talking about metaphors. This makes it almost inevitable that the expression of an unconventional experience will be almost incomprehensible.

According to Kant, we do not recognize things as they are per se, but as they are presented to us through the logic of experience and as they are preformed by their a priori apparatus. Kant, Political Writings, Cambridge, , p. RawlsVsKant: these feelings are out of place: the relation is asymmetric, but this has to be corrected. First of all, the question of justice does not arise because of the extension of time in only one direction. What can be fair or unfair is the way in which institutions deal with this situation and with historical possibilities.

If all generations, with the exception of the first, now benefit and everyone inherits from their ancestors, all they have to do is choose a fair saving principle that ensures that future generations will also benefit from their services. The only reciprocity between generations is virtual. However, each generation can regulate the details for itself. Identity of goal and process.

Following the example of AristotleVsPlaton's separation of the empirical and the ideal. Also HegelVsKant: "radical separation of reason from experience". The executed good would be the abolition of otherness. Therefore, what "has its own objectivity as an object in its other" is the unity in the division as a construction principle of all reality.

After successful mediation it is no longer tinged with the work of reflection. I Parallel to Aristotle: Divine eternal life on the basis of purely rational self-activity. PutnamVsSkepticism: N. Kant, however, has seen that this transcendental subject, which is greatly independent of the content of experience, has in itself a dynamic which goes beyond experience.

He has expressed this in the fact that reason, by going beyond its empirical use, is necessarily involved in contradictions, because thinking cannot be arbitrarily stopped once it comes into play. Confidence must include an awareness of specific awareness-independent objects. In this sense, he is one of the great executors of the overall nominalistic tradition of the modern Enlightenment. Idealism is not reality-related. These are "enigmatic" names. Context: E. Solomon knew the names of all spirits, and since he knew their names, he could submit them to his will.

Cantor: The thesis that the "potentially infinite" process presupposes the "actual infinite" "a definite quantum fixed in all parts" , since "a leveled path and solid ground" are absolutely necessary to carry out a process. If we want to introduce "measures of the size" of infinite sets in analogy to the basic numbers which measure the "size" of finite sets, then these new numbers will not be able to share all the properties of the basic numbers in the case of the becoming apart of size and clear assignability.

For Ao, the index means that this amount should be only the first in an infinite series of infinitely large amounts of the "transfinite" numbers. But what about Ao is huge? Wittgenstein: I bought something infinitely! It was a ruler with an infinite radius of curvature.

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This maxim is valid only for finite numbers. This leads straight to the definition of the infinite: Definition infinite: a set is infinite if it consists of sets containing as many elements as themselves. T I Chr. Thiel Philosophie und Mathematik Darmstadt Cambridge University Press. In Von einem realistischen Standpunkt, Vincent C.

Grassl eds : Sprache, Logik und Philosophie, Akten des 4. Giford Lecture, St. Andrews , in: H. Dimensions of Mind, New York , pp.

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The monological principle of Kantian ethics, like any monological procedure, fails in this task. But if you do not have a standard, you will not be helped in the decision. The simple generalization of one's own principle of action does not help here. I am the author of this game. I: But the author of the game also appears in the game itself.

Outside the game. The authors in the plural, my picture is social do not write one but several versions. The authors in the stories are the real authors. Because a fictional character cannot be a real author. But these are true stories. We do not discover the principle of determinism, but we impose it on the world.

PutnamVsKant: this goes too far. The price would be a too great complication of our knowledge system.

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V 88 Putnam: one could read Kant as if he had first obtained the position of the internalism. Of course, not explicitly. V 89 I suggest to read it as if he said that Locke's thesis about the secondary qualities applies to all qualities: the simple, the primary and the secondary. V 90 If all properties are secondary: then everything what we say about an object has the form: it is such that it affects us in this or that way. Our ideas of objects are not copies of mind independent things. PutnamVsKant: today the concept of the noumenal world is considered an unnecessary metaphysical element in its thinking.

PutnamVsKant: the whole idea of a transcendental nature noumenal is nonsense. How else should we describe it otherwise? Puntam: merely an inarticulate sound, a noise. Kant ignores this completely.

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The sensations that I call "red", cannot be compared directly with noumenal objects to see if they have the same noumenal property as the objects which I call "gold", neither can they be directly compared with noumenal objects to see if they have the same noumenal property.

The objects are similar for me, they are red for me. That is my sensation. PeirceVsKant: this is a nominal definition of truth. RawlsVsHare: We should not understand Kant primarily in terms of universality and generality. That would be too narrow a basis to construct a moral theory. Hare, Freedom and Reason, Oxford, , pp.

Rawls: For a complete understanding of Kant's later writings, one has to consider Kant's later writings. They must be accepted by free and equally rational individuals. Rawls: this adds several things to Kant's concept: e. Nevertheless, I think we'll stay close to Kant.

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We accept the initial situation as one that is seen by the noumenal self in Kant's sense. At the same time, however, they want to express their rationality in the world around them, i. I think that is why Kant speaks of it as a reason for shame when we behave incorrectly and not as a reason for guilt.

This choice must be acceptable to other selfs.

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I assume that the parties know that they are subject to the conditions of human life. In the light of these natural limitations, the principles are chosen. In Kant's case, it appears that he also includes the freedom of God or the freedom of pure intelligences, but these are not subject to the restrictions that demand that others be recognized as equally rational and free beings. RawlsVsKant: Kant did not show that our actions under moral law show our nature in a recognizable way, as acting according to contrary principles would not do.


That is not enough for Parsons. ParCh I Ch.

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  8. Rawls builds on this with his theory of justice SandelVsRawls, SandelVsKant: propagates the priority of an idea of good and successful life Aristotle's eudaimonia as a starting point.