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Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Elegy 5. In summer's heat, and mid-time of the day, To rest my limbs upon a bed I lay; One window shut, the other open stood, Which gave such light as twinkles in a wood, Like twilight glimpse at setting of the sun, Or night being past, and yet not day begun.

Such light to shamefaced maidens must be shown, Where they may sport, and seem to be unknown. Then came Corinna in a long loose gown, Her white neck hid with tresses hanging down, Resembling fair Semiramis going to bed Or Lais of a thousand wooers sped. I snatched her gown: being thin, the harm was small, Yet strived she to be covered there withal.

And striving thus, as one that would be cast, Betrayed herself, and yielded at the last. Stark naked as she stood before mine eye, Not one wen in her body could I spy. What arms and shoulders did I touch and see! How apt her breasts were to be pressed by me! How smooth a belly under her waist saw I, How large a leg, and what a lusty thigh! To leave the rest, all liked me passing well, I clinged her naked body, down she fell: Judge you the rest; being tired she bade me kiss; Jove send me more such afternoons as this!

Translation by Christopher Marlowe.

Ovid's Elegies translated by Christopher Marlowe, together with the Epigrams of Sir John Davies.

This poem is in the public domain. Metamorphosis VIII, Baucis and Philemon THUS Achelous ends: his audience hear With admiration, and admiring, fear The pow'rs of heav'n; except Ixion's son, Who laugh'd at all the gods, believ'd in none: He shook his impious head, and thus replies, "These legends are no more than pious lies: You attribute too much to heavenly sway, To think they give us forms, and take away. Then Lelex rose, an old experienc'd man, And thus with sober gravity began: "Heav'n's pow'r is infinite: earth, air, and sea, The manufacture mass, the making pow'r obey: By proof to clear your doubt; in Phrygian ground Two neighb'ring trees, with walls encompass'd round, Stand on a mod'rate rise, with wonder shown, One a hard oak, a softer linden one: I saw the place and them, by Pittheus sent To Phrygian realms, my grandsire's government.

Ovid's Amores

Not far from thence is seen a lake, the haunt Of coots, and of the fishing cormorant: Here Jove with Hermes came; but in disguise Of mortal men conceal'd their deities; One laid aside his thunder, one his rod; And many toilsome steps together trod; For harbour at a thousand doors they knock'd, Not one of all the thousand but was lock'd.

Hero and Leander. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love. See All Poems by this Author. See a problem on this page? More About This Poem. About this Poet. Read Full Biography. More About this Poet.

Region: England. Quick Tags. In the notes I refer to this edition as Isham copy. The next edition, which has the same title-pages as the Isham copy— Epigrammes and Elegies by I. The text agrees in the main with that of the Isham copy, but the corruptions are more numerous.

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I have followed Dyce in referring to this edition as Ed. The Isham copy and Ed. A contain only a portion of the Elegies. Epigrams by I.

At Middleborugh , 12mo.