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As one Foreign Policy article explains, this had the effect of shrinking a very complicated discussion about economic reform into the very narrow confines of the IMF's terms. The lack of transparency in policy making prompted widespread social unrest, which the government responded to by introducing restrictive laws affecting labor organizing and non-governmental organizations. Following the ousting of President Morsi in July, the country continues to witness immense political upheaval and socio-economic instability.

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In November, Egypt will appear before the full Committee at its 51st session. CESR and ECESR are joining forces again, this time with a broad coalition of Egyptian civil society organizations, to prepare a shadow report for the forthcoming session.

Law and freedom

The Arab Spring of highlighted how interconnected economic and social rights are with civil and political liberties. In Egypt anger over a lack of economic prospects, endemic poverty, stark inequalities and government corruption fuelled the popular outrage just as much as frustration over restrictive emergency laws, state brutality and the absence of democratic freedoms. It is no exaggeration to state that the future progress and stability of the country is contingent on addressing these socio-economic injustices. The disingenuousness of the President's legalistic definition of sex is justified by the equally transparent disingenuousness of Mr.

Starr's tactic of using Mr.

No freedom to hate: Germany’s new law against online incitement

Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky as a way of trapping him in a falsehood. To the nonlawyer's mind, which holds the highest principle of justice to be fairness, Mr. Starr's expedient pursuit of the Lewinsky sex matter after three years in which he failed to find any wrongdoing by the President in the Whitewater episode smacks of precisely the kind of prosecutorial zealotry that Hamilton most feared.

If the personal life of the most powerful man in the nation can be violated so wantonly by a Government-appointed prosecutor, then we are all at risk. Thirty-one years ago, Senator Edward V.

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  • Long lamented that ''modern Americans are so exposed, peered at, inquired about, and spied upon as to be increasingly without privacy -- members of a naked society and denizens of a goldfish bowl. Americans have traditionally trusted the courts to stand as the last barricade against intrusions of this kind.

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    But now it appears that any determined opponent can use the legal system to invade our most intimate lives and that our prosecutors have almost limitless powers to entrap us and to violate the most fundamental element of our freedom. If liberty means the right to privacy and to do as we wish as long as we do not violate the rights and privacy of others, then we no longer live in a free state. Please upgrade your browser.

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