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Six Ways to Focus on What's Important in Your Life | Psychology Today

Are you going to answer that call? This is an example of not important but urgent task. There are multiple things that need our immediate attention but obviously, they are not important. Draw a fine line with this quadrant, most of the time, unimportant tasks are not urgent, but we trick ourselves to think reply that greeting email from Alice is urgent.

Do your best to avoid any activity in this quadrant — stop browsing Facebook purposeless. With an urgent life, you have so many deadlines to meet. On the other hand — the important life, you feel productive. Most of the time, you plan for things to happen, you understand the importance of every single thing you are working on. You have priorities for each task on hand. You want to make it the best without chasing on a deadline.

And you always have time to reassess yourself. I simply illustrate an urgent life and an important life situation above, but most of us live in a mixture of both urgent and important life. To make it easier for you to justify your current time quadrant, I had prepared a few simple questions for you to assess your priorities. Answer a few question below so you will know should you make a switch:. With 3 simple questions above, you will know how you shape your life into the path of urgent or the path of important. If you prefer deadlines, fast results, and fit work into a timeframe, your mindset is more towards an urgent life.

If you prefer to schedule, quality results and adjust your time based on the activity, you are more to an important life.

Finding Your Meaning of Life - Inspirational Video

The reason for this reassessment is to aware of your current position and hopefully switch to a better area of life. We all know that we should pick an important life instead of an urgent life, but some of us are used to, and being comfortable with an urgent life. These are just a few reasons I prefer important life over urgent life. The main reason why I emphasize this so much is that I am experiencing it for myself when I made the shift, especially on my lifting journey.

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Water is more important than fuel.

Ainsworth found that secure children feel distressed when their caregiver leaves, but comforted upon their return. On the other hand, anxious-insecure children become upset before the caregiver leaves and clingy when they come back. This applies to children who are physically and emotionally abused.

Securely attached kids may feel sad when their parents leave, but are able to remain comforted by other caregivers.

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As the grow up, securely attached children rely on relationships with parents, teachers, and friends for guidance. For example, adults whose parents cared for their safety needs by providing food and shelter but neglected their emotional needs are more likely to develop an anxious-avoidant attachment style.

Anxious-insecure adults may fear abandonment, making them hypersensitive to rejection. By the time kids reach first or second grade , they begin to separate from primary caregivers by making friends of their own.

Why Life Is So Precious

They also start to long for peer acceptance and are better equipped to talk about their feelings. When my daughter was 7 years old, she was able to verbalize her desire to find a good friend.

She also began putting concepts together as a way to express her feelings. Seven-year-olds can also make deeper meaning of the information that surrounds them. They may be able to talk in metaphor, reflecting an ability to think more broadly.

Taking back ownership and responsibility for yourself.

And this is what helps build a secure attachment style and helps children meet developmental milestones in stride. But what we can do is set them up for success by engaging with them as a trustworthy adult. We can show them how we manage big feelings, so that when they experience their own failed relationships, divorce, or work stress, they can think back to how Mom or Dad reacted when they were young.

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