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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview For those who have tried and failed to follow through on a plan to study the entire Bible, Chuck Missler has the answer.

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Features include: Sound, fresh teaching on Scripture Historical and cultural insight into biblical passages Sidebars that highlight the primary concepts of the chapter. About the Author Chuck Missler , after a distinguished military career and more than thirty very successful years in the business world, decided to pursue his life-long love of teaching the Bible on a full-time basis.

He founded Koinonia House, an organization devoted to encouraging people to study the Bible. Missler and his wife, Nancy, have four grown children. Show More.

Ten siempre un buen libro para escuchar o leer cuando y como quieras.

Average Review. Write a Review. Learn the Bible in 24 Hours 4. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. DesigneratDIAD More than 1 year ago With the depth of the Bible you could study on your own for decades still uncovering countless wonders. This is the best 'summary' of the entire Bible I have every seen.

It doesn't merely glaze the surface but give concise details with some depth. I believe even if you have studied the Bible for years you should still read this book and give away to as many people as possible! Anonymous More than 1 year ago If you want to study the Bible read this book. It's easy to read and is a good book to help you understand the Bible. I have given this book as gifts to members of my family. Though not intended to replace the bible, it will inspire it's reader to pick up their Bible and read it.

It helps it's readers view the books as God purposed them while aligning them all up as one great book, The Bible. It's generally easy to read and follow along with. Now that I've read it, I will add it to my library of tools to assist me in seeing the details of out Bible while not missing the big picture. Remastered: Re-edited and remastered including English subtitles.

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  • Multi-language : Video Download includes English and Spanish subtitles. Chuck Missler. His aim was to stimulate us to dig into the Bible ourselves because as we study there is a real opportunity for us to encounter the God of the Universe. Chuck passed away on May 1st, Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Scholars throughout the ages have devoted lifetimes to studying the Bible.

    But for most of us, this simply isn't practical or possible. For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours" is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the strategic grasp of the "big picture" of Scripture that enables them to ably Scholars throughout the ages have devoted lifetimes to studying the Bible.

    Chuck Missler provides readers with the strategic grasp of the "big picture" of Scripture that enables them to ably navigate specific passages. Each chapter, designed as a one-hour session, features: Sound, fresh teaching on the design of Scripture Historical and cultural insight into biblical passages Sidebar text that highlights the primary concepts of the chapter Information on how to receive college credit from Louisiana Baptist University upon completion of the book is also included. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title.

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    Sort order. Oct 12, David Sarkies rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nobody. Recommended to David by: I listen to the tapes years ago. The Fundamentalist Doctrine 12 October Looking through the reviews of this book I have suddenly discovered that I am the only person giving it one star. Mind you, pretty much every review is a carbon copy of the other — wonderful book, clearly explains the Bible, very useful in helping me understand. In fact there is only one person who actually provides some criticism of Missler's methodology, and even then she simply says that there are a few times where he makes statements without any sup The Fundamentalist Doctrine 12 October Looking through the reviews of this book I have suddenly discovered that I am the only person giving it one star.

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    In fact there is only one person who actually provides some criticism of Missler's methodology, and even then she simply says that there are a few times where he makes statements without any supporting evidence though I'd say that he does it a lot more than a few.

    Mind you, most of the people that wrote the reviews will probably read mine and scream out 'heretic' but then again it is a badge that I wear with pride. They said exactly the same thing about Martin Luther during the reformation and about Jesus Christ. For those who have read this book and are familiar with Missler's teachings I simply say this — I'm an amillenialist who believes that the church is the new Israel and that most of the events in Revelation have already happened though I'll explain that a little further on.

    My position is that this book is incredibly dangerous. Mind you, it is rare these days that I don't mark a book on Goodreads that I am currently reading, or post the review to my feed, but the main reason that I am doing so with this book is because I believe that it should only be read by people who are really strong in their faith, and then only to be aware of some of the teachings of the fundamentalists.

    Learn The Bible In 24 Hours

    For instance, he argues in favour of a seven day creation which I he is entitled to do but then finishes off his argument by saying that Jesus said that the world was created in seven days, and thus if we do not believe in a seven day creation then we are denying Christ. It puts young Christians in a very difficult bind because they are forced to believe in this very specific doctrine, and are prevented from questioning it because, well if Jesus said it then it must be true.

    The fact that this book is actually targeted at people who don't understand the Bible all that much concerns me even more because it has the effect of radicalising them. I used to really like Chuck Missler years ago because he said some quite interesting things, and opened up the Bible in a way that it had never been opened to me previously. However I found myself believing in a literal seven day creation and a literal interpretation of Revelation, which didn't do any good for my relationships with non-Christians.

    However, having returned to his teaching, and reading this book with a fresh, and more mature, mind I have come to realise that Missler is actually pro-Israel, pro-America, anti-Muslim, and anti-homosexual I won't say Islamophobic or Homophobic because I don't think he fears them, he just hates them with a passion. The problem with Missler is that he does point out a lot of theologically sound doctrine, and has the potential to help you understand the structure of the Bible, how it all fits together, how it is the story of God's redemption of humanity, and how it points to the cross.

    However he completely undermines his treatise by taking a incredibly literal view of the Bible, and instead of focusing on Christ's salvation he focuses on God's judgement. In fact his main focus is that God will judge the heathan and apostate, however you can be saved by trusting in Christ.


    It sort of reminds me of this meme. Creation Missler uses a lot of science in his exposition of the Bible, especially in the section on Genesis. The problem that I find with his scientific explanations is that he seems to force the science to fit the Bible and if it doesn't then he outright rejects it as heresy. This fascinated me when I was younger because I love science, however I have since come to understand that science and the Bible don't always fit. I don't believe that we are supposed to take every part of the Bible literally, and when it comes to science there is actually a lot that we do not understand.

    In fact a lot of science is still very theoretical and is only held together by mathamatical equations. The problem with forcing science to fit a literal interpretation of the Bible creates a science that is based upon supposition and faulty mathematical logic. My position on Genesis is that Genesis 1 is actually poetic in nature, and uses this form to outline the process of creation. While he argues about a literal interpretation he seems to ignore Genesis 2 which has a completely different order of creation man is created before the plants and animals were created.

    Like many fundamentalists they take portions of the Bible that suit their arguments and they also argue context only where reading contextually supports their supposition.

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    Learn The Bible in 24 Hours

    The problems with arguing a literal interpretation is that according to the poem the Earth was created before the suns and the stars, which means that the 24 hr day simply did not exist. My position is simply that these days represent stages of creation, and that to understand the creation narrative we need to understand it's poetic form.

    Another interesting thing is that they argue a literal 24 hour day here, but when it comes to Daniel's prophecy of the end times, where he speaks about weeks, it is only to interpret that as a week of years — where is the consistency?

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    • Nephalim Personally, I think the idea of the angels coming down to Earth, mating with humans, and creating a genetic race of super beings is rather cool. However there is a problem with that. He seems to completely ignore the fact that Jesus later says that angels are sexless. So, the question that I raise is, if angels are sexless how is it that they can have sex with humans maybe they gave themselves the respective equipment? Look, I believe in a world wide flood, and I think it is cool that humans and dinosaurs may have co-existed where else did the legend of dragons come from , however while there is a lot of evidence of such a flood, nobody has ever dug up the skeleton of a Nephalim.

      However there is a big problem that I have with Missler's teaching on the subject. His arguments in support of the genocide of the Cananites is that there were Nephalim dwelling among them, and the thing with the Nephalim are that they are tainted. This is why God destroyed the world by a flood, and also why the Israelites were instructed to commit genocide against the Cananites.

      The fallen angels had tainted humanity, and these tainted individuals had to be killed. My concern is that this teaching gives rise to racism and racial superiority. It also suggests that certain races could be killed off simply because they are belived to have a genetic taint.

      In a way it encourages genocide.