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ISBN 13: 9781484055083

Does the world's oldest textbook of erotic love need to be redeemed and accorded its proper place as a literary landmark of India's rich heritage? American Indologist Wendy Doniger, who teaches at the University of Chicago and has written nearly half a dozen books on Hinduism, believes so. But why? After all, Kama Sutra, written in Sanskrit - the literary language of ancient India - by Vatsyayana, who claimed to be a celibate himself, is possibly the most celebrated treatise on love and sex. Google Kama Sutra and it spits out more than 14 million results in less than a second.

There are Kama Sutra condoms, toys, wristwatches, apps, chocolates, a TV series and films.

Cosmopolitan magazine published Cosmo Kama Sutra , offering "12 brand-new mattress-quaking sex styles". This may be part of the reason why Doniger, who has also written a translation of the Kama Sutra, is looking to rescue the book from the "enormous misunderstanding in which most people hold it". The result is Doniger's compelling new book The Mare's Trap, published by Speaking Tiger, which attempts to change the conventional understanding of Kama Sutra as a kooky book on sex and improbable sexual positions.

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In her telling, the Kama Sutra is a sophisticated and courageous text, which assumes a kind of sexual freedom for women that would have raised the hackles of today's puritanical censors. For one, for most of his book, Vatsyayana ignores the idea of sex for procreation and is only concerned with the sexual goal of pleasure.

In a way, he challenges the dharma the moral duties and responsibilities of a Hindu of fertility, laid down in an ancient Hindu text, the Manusmriti, which says the man has a duty to have sex with his wife during her fertile period. Vatsyayana actually devotes a whole chapter to "acute instructions to the man who wishes to commit adultery, detailing hundreds of stratagems by which he may sleep with the wives of other men".

At the same time, he is conflicted about adultery, pulling back at the end, and warning the men not do it, and guard their wives.

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Kama Sutra, says Doniger, is also far more "open-minded" than Manusmriti about women's "access to household funds, and about divorce and widow remarriage". The absolute power that the wife in Kama Sutra has in running the household's finances stands in contrast with Manusmriti's statement that a wife "should not have too free a hand in spending". Grow up to using secure hyip manager script program. This project collect all required script including fork and mirror to be able to be run and open for various purposes.

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