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Aikia offers free video training and on-site instructor training seminars at both the original Karate College last weekend in June each year and on-going weekend camps at BeasleyMartialArts.

Bartitsu and Jeet Kune Do: Part 2

Aikia also offers certification for self-defense instructors and personal trainers in both Boxing and Kickboxing and provides low cost student rank certificates for traditional martial arts schools worldwide operating as the historic American Independent Karate Instructors Association. When Joe Lewis stepped in the ring in January he was performing the original jeet kune do all-out sparring method taught to him by Bruce Lee.

Wearing shoes, chops to the back of the neck, using elbows, knees, low kicks, sweeps, throws and take-downs and the occasional head butt were not considered fouls.

In Bruce Lee originally combined modified wing chun, Western boxing and fencing to form the core of jeet kune do techniques and tactics. While many still present wing chun to represent JKD it should be understood that Bruce Lee moved away from wing chun when his adherence to the art failed him in the fight against Wong Jack Man. Beasley …Free! Having published 10 books and over articles, Dr.

Beasley shows you: How to teach a class. How to perform fundamentals at the level of mastery.

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How to control range, penetrate the offense and much more! There are many styles of Jump ropes.

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Here are a couple of favorites! This is one piece of equipment that won't break the bank! This is a required piece if you are sparring. If you're going to spar, you need one of these. Keep in mind you'll want to be able to talk with it in, so an upper-jaw model is best.

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Not much to say about this.. You want something that allows for kicking as well. With getting involved with JKD, like for most people, new toys will become almost an addiction. Training Equipment There are several pieces of training equipment that you'll find valuable when you commit to your practice. Focus Mitts We use focus mitts in nearly every class. Mini Speed Mitts Designed for accuracy and speed. Mini focus Mitts These are more economy mitts. Boxing Gloves You'll use boxing gloves to throw punches more realistically without knocking out your partner.

Focus Pads - Tommy Carruthers: Jeet Kune Do Instructor UK

Original Leather Gloves This is a great pair of lifetime gloves. Pro Leather Training Gloves These have a lower price point but are still high quality and will last for a long time. His pragmatism and dedication to self-improvement in martial arts can serve as valuable models for current practitioners of Bartitsu and neo-Bartitsu. In our Bartitsu program we focus on bare-knuckle boxing because it helps us think about how to strike with our hands without using gloves and how to defend against a strike in ways that usually do not involve hard blocks with the arm.


One of his first entries is about the importance of cultivating a good lead punch, which our students know is the first thing we learn in Week 2 of our introductory program. It takes time to develop an effective, explosive straight lead punch that utilizes your entire body and makes use of the lunging step with the lead leg.

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  • The effort is well worth it. It is unclear, however, whether or not Bruce Lee was advocating that every lead punch should include a step forward, although JKD certainly emphasizes taking the fight to the opponent.