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When you are designing your Momento project, the photos you are dragging and dropping onto the layout are being sourced …. To start your Recipe Book, make sure that you are running version 7. Once this …. How long will it take to print my Recipe Book? Recipe Books take 7 calendar days to produce. Delivery time is additional and will depend on what delivery method you ….

What does the binding look like on a Recipe Book?

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Recipe Books are a hardcover, bound with a heavy duty black metal wire for durability in the kitchen. Will my printed product look exactly as it does on my monitor? The colours in your Momento print may differ from the colours you see on your computer screen, particularly if your …. How do I scan printed photographs, negatives and slides?

If you want to use an image from a printed photograph, a slide, negative or transparency you need to scan it to turn it …. How many pages can I have in my Recipe Book? What page stocks can I order with Recipe Books? You can choose from 5 different paper stocks when ordering your Recipe Book: Satin gsm, Satin gsm, Eggshell …. When you have completed your design in the Momento Software, the next step is to click on the Finish button.

This step …. Recipe Book Sizes Choose from 6 shapes and sizes.

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Note : Recipe books are the only books we bind as spiral hardcovers. Square Portrait Landscape. Satin Eggshell Art Gloss. Perfect for all image and photo types Medium weight paper Designed for longevity Great for books with lots of pages Suitable for use with dark backgrounds. Eggshell g An lightly-textured matte stock that creates a soft finish. Complements softer and desaturated photos Looks great with light and simple page designs Perfect for artistic recipe layouts and designs.

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Art g A lightly textured matte stock with warm cream tone, similar to watercolour paper, great for country cooking recipes. His power is super strength but as the story goes on he gets more powerful and actually becomes more "good. It's a series and gets pretty crazy with aliens and computer program illusions. I think there were two books when I read them. Anyway, if anyone can help me find the series, I'd be very grateful. I'm looking for a book I read a long time ago where a group of people when into a dream realm when they slept and they banded together in the realm to fight a demon that was attempting to become all knowing by possessing a baby.

Jean the book is One Second After. I am trying to find a book published in the late 70's I believe. It's a science fiction book about a teenage boy and girl. They are like online pen pals, but this was written before people actually did online chat ironically. The boy notices one day that everyone is wearing masks to look human under which they don't look human, including the parents who raised him.

He discovers he's being observed everywhere he goes sort of like The Truman Show. Turns out the same goes for the girl. They try to escape together. Only to discover they are more or less an intended mating pair of the last two normal human beings, in what amounts to a conservation effort of the human race. Basically humans over millenia and through DNA enhancement bred themselves into one race and species that isn't exactly human. It's an old book. I can't recall the title or author but my 12 yr self found it extremely interesting.

I would like to reread it. I am attempting to.

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Ok so this girl is in HS and she finds out shes a Berserker. Her parents were one also. So she gets trained by the other Berserkers and they all have to fight to stop some demon s and have to keep the seals closed to keep the demons monsters ect. In from ruining the world. The main girl had a love triangle with the two berserker brothers and they have yellow eyes. There are a certain number of seals and each berserker is assigned to each one.

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They can only re seal their respective seal. I believe it had a blueish front cover. It talked about a teenage guy who at a time young was seen as this nerd or not a good looking person. But as time goes on he changes his looks and just grows up and takes off his braces and now he looks like this hot or cute guy.

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He first goes this date with a girl from the library but nothing really works out. But something I remember is that he has this female best friend who he always liked since elementary and has never told her that he liked her until now. Also in the story there was this other girl he liked when he was young but then she turned him down and then when he hit puberty she wants to get with him but the main character is unsure because of what happened in the past. The main character also plays basketball I believe. I'm in search of a book about a college millionaire sports romance.

It is about a player who on a night throws a party. At this party, some of the drunk guests decide to ride a bulldozer I think into someone's house. This house was shaken up and the girl inside it went to the same college as this player. Since she had nowhere to stay the player's father suggested she moves in with the player. After a while they start dating and fall in love. In the end, she finds out she is pregnant. In search of a book about a young girl who runs into her unknown cousin at school.

He calls her by a name that she does not recognize, but she is reminded of her past. Her parents were criminals who drove their car into a lake and she was in and out of orphanages her whole life. Hi there, i'm looking for a book i have not read in years bit randomly remembered it.

I remember it was about a teenage boy going to stay at his family's beach house or something similar to that, with his parents. And family friends stay at a beach house a short ways away, where the family had two girls, a younger one and an older one. Where he kissed the younger one his age at the fair in town, and the next summer ended up having sex with her older sister, evesn though her older sister was trying to get over his older brother.

I think his little brother drowns at the end of the book as far as i can remember. He paints a picture of a purple boat ,goes across a purple sea to a purple Island with purple animals. A storm comes and the purple dragon digs a hole to stay safe. All the animals and boy get inside the hole. After the storm they come out and everything is normal colors.

I read this to my son in late 80's early 90's. It's about a little boy that can't go outside because it's raining out. So he paints a picture, everything is purple. He daydreamed about going in a purple boat to a purple Island with all purple animals. A storm comes and the dragon digs a hole to keep safe.

All the animals and little boy climbed inside. Hi, i can't find this book and its kinda upsetting for me, i cant completely remember what the whole thing is about but i can try to describe it to the best of my ability. This book starts off with a girl but i dont remember where, i remember she got chased by someone with a knife i think.

He was chasing her around docks and boats. Then she had gone home, and somehow the story led up to her on her way somewhere in a whole different dimension. And this boy travelled with her. I remember this part very specifically for some reason but i think they got seperated in the dark and she climbed up a jagged cliff?