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He reinvents the listening experience with this great app. It's effectively an album's worth of music every time you play it - worth every penny. Pick it up and tell your friends! With FLUX be belew, you will instantly receive hundreds of songs, pieces of music, sonic snippets and engaging visuals that will change randomly each time you press play.

Adrian Belew regularly adds new tracks, evolving your listening and visual experience.

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Press enter to begin your search. FLUX by belew is the newest way to experience music that comes at you in quick, surprising pieces that never plays the same way twice. Unique sound. FLUX by belew taps into what we love about the internet and social media; it is quick, random and continuously surprising. Flux's game modes are treated as "jobs" each day. By participating in one, you shift the game forward in time and engage in one of the game's types of play. Challenge: A typing-oriented game where you are given random letters A-Z to press.

This tests your awareness of each letter's position on the keyboard. Spelling: A typing-oriented mode where you are tasked with spelling out entire words to increase your Flux. Glyph: A visual challenge where you must rotate the objects on the right with the arrow keys to match the positions of the objects on the left.

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Use your trusty katana to cut your way through the enemy! Assault: A beat-em-up mode that throws you into the heat of battle, challening players to survive a gauntlet of robots and enemy soldiers that are armed to the helmet with special attacks, a variety of weapons and keep on coming in waves.

Mecha: Like Freestyle, but in the open skies above the city. Reflect, find your groove and enjoy the view. Armament: An action-oriented mode that has you defending the skies with your Mech airship.

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Take out the incoming robots with your blasters! In order to add your own music you must have the following: an mp3 format music file, the file renamed to "track1", "track2", "track3", "track4" or "track5", and finally the file must be added to the game's included Music folder.

Flux (Reactor Core RELEASE)

Once the game is run it'll automatically load up these tracks sequentially as you begin to cruise. If you want to play another song, simply stop cruising and begin again to "skip" that track! See all. View all.

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Read more about it in the blog post. These are then randomized and assembled into a creative track, unique to your ears every single time. You can save your favorites and continue to explore FLUX by belew. Belew imagined, created and recorded several hundred different effects, tracks and sonic clips within FLUX by belew. It links hundreds of musical tracks, audio snippets and art into a visual language that conveys Adrian Belew, his ideas and his avant-garde style into an intriguing app. Through a roulette of digital algorithms, FLUX by belew offers an infinite number of musical combinations to discover.

If you are an agent for change like Adrian Belew, download the FLUX by belew app to break away from the mundane and experience the future of music. FLUX by belew leaves us with striking compositions and images that make up an incredibly unique experience, and is never the same twice. As seen on:. I want to FLUX my whole collection of music!