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The scar is not on her body, he reasons, but on her mind and 'the far country' of her sou…. No account yet? Create one. Request license. Path Created with Sketch. Samuel French A Far Country. Jump to Section: Current Section Overview.

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Cast Size Cast Size 6m, 6f. Additional Info Kim Stanley and Steven Hill created onstage fireworks in this study of Sigmund Freud's first critical case, as he undertakes the analysis of an hysterical crippled woman who has no visible source of affliction. The scar is not on her body, he reasons, but on her mind and 'the far country' of her soul.

On the one hand, living the high life, on the other hand, experiencing the lowest of lows. As he pictures it:. Not even my friends wanted me.

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I was nothing more than a reject, a throwaway. I took a deep breath and let out a sigh as my shoulders slumped and I dropped my head. I was about to turn toward my cell when something on top of the trash caught my eye. Through a dizzying series of horrific events arrest, incarceration, an AIDS diagnosis , Christopher hit rock bottom and then found himself clinging to the Rock of ages.

He wanted to be a part of my life—no matter who I was or what I had done.

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In his speaking engagements and on his website , Christopher presents the gospel clearly. In Out of a Far Country , the gospel message is there in his life narrative.

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However, one might wish it had been presented with a little more clarity and detail. Those expecting a full-blown theological treatise on homosexuality will be disappointed by Out of a Far Country. That is not the purpose of the book.

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However, in one chapter chapter 30 , Christopher does distill his understanding of homosexuality. I turned to the Bible alone and went through every verse, every chapter, every page of Scripture looking for biblical justification for homosexuality. I was at a turning point, and a decision had to be made.

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Either abandon God to live as a homosexual—by allowing my feelings and sexual passions to dictate who I was. Or abandon homosexuality—by liberating myself from my feelings—and live as a follower of Jesus Christ. My decision was obvious. I chose God Christopher began to ask the identity question that every person struggling with same-sex attraction must ask. But my identity as a child of the living God must be in Jesus Christ alone His view is that we all have sexual temptations that we must deal with until our glorification—some are tempted with heterosexual lusts and others with homosexual lusts. Nor is it the obliteration of my sexuality either. God created us as sexual beings with the natural desire for intimacy. And everyone is created to desire intimate, God-honoring, nonsexual relationships with the same gender.

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But because of the effects of original sin, this normal feeling has been distorted. I believe homosexuality and any other sin, such as jealousy, pride, and gluttony stems from a legitimate need fulfilled in an illegitimate way