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The most important meal of the day right?

15 Best Campfire Recipes to Mix up Your Camping Menu

Also the meal that can be elaborate or easy. The choice is yours when camping. It's also a good meal to try more adventurous cooking because you don't have to worry about it getting dark, you have plenty of time to prepare and clean up, and if it all goes awry, there's always lunch not that far away. We tend to like to keep it simple in the morning, and especially on a day when we are packing up. Here are some suggestions on what to have as a breakfast meal. Your cooking method will help determined which of these ideas you can replicate at the campsite.

Lunch for us when camping is always something quick, and fuss free. It's because if we have cooked a bigger breakfast, that's sort of keeping us going at lunch time, and I am not really in the mood to set up and create another big meal. But if breakfast was a bit dull and boring, now could be the time to get a bit more adventurous and cook!!!

Camp Cooking Tips – Love The Outdoors

Sandwiches - made from whatever bread you have brought from home. Space saving bread would be tortillas and any bread that doesn't go stale quickly. Cheeses, dips, processed meats and crackers like a ploughmans lunch Salads.


Lunch and dinner options can be remarkably similar , but if you are wanting something fast, and do want to cook, then here are few easy suggestions. Noodles BBQ whatever you want to throw on the BBQ for this one including quesadillas, using store bought cooked chicken Nachos heat up the meat you made at home and add over corn chips.

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Add some sour cream and premade guacamole. See easy Nachos recipe here. This tends to be our most complicated meal and generally follow up with a dessert more on that later. But we want to keep it simple for beginners.

36 Make-Ahead Camping Recipes for Easy Meal Planning

These are basic camping meals to get you started. So first up, read Foil Pack Cooking for Beginners - this includes lots of recipes you can have for dinner all, are requiring cooking naturally. These recipes range from simple to more complicated. It's great if you have a campfire to use for many of these, but it's not mandatory. Secondly, for dinner - jaffles. The classic way to cook these jaffles is on a campfire, and we put together a list of jaffle recipes for you try.

Read our 10 gourmet recipes here. Campfire is the way to go for these. Try Sloppy Joes - you can either make the bulk of this at home, or do at campsite. It's easy and filling.

This is also a good lunch recipe. Sausage With Pesto Summer Vegetables. S'mores Dip Foil Pack.

Bandito Stew - Backpack Camp Meal Recipe Cooking

Brian Woodcock. Banana Bread Flapjacks. Choco-Cherry Supercarb Bars. Best-Ever S'mores. Give your go-to a grown up makeover with a little or big! Parmesan Egg-in-a-Hole. Your trusty cast-iron skillet will make this comforting cheesy breakfast golden brown.

Making a simple meal over a fire is the perfect way to end a day in the great outdoors.

Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. How to Brine Turkey, Two Ways. How to Prepare and Roast a Thanksgiving Turkey. How to Make the Perfect Mashed Potatoes. Mulled Wine Sangria. Tasty Easy! Food never tastes better than when you're camping. But who wants to spend all day tending to dinner when the great outdoors is beckoning?

Luckily, there are several ways to make camp cooking and clean-up easier. Stay tuned for 5 simple camping food ideas and smart strategies -- so you can spend more time hiking, exploring, stargazing, and hammock-napping. And don't miss our 13 top-rated campfire dinners , featuring some of our best camping food ideas. Instead of bringing bags of food, use this simple sorting system: Pack all your perishable food items into one dedicated cooler Outdoor Gear ranks the standard Coleman cooler as the best buy ; use a second cooler for drinks, so you won't open the food cooler as often.

Prep ingredients for each meal ahead of time and pack in labeled plastic bags. Freeze all meats ahead of time; they stay fresher longer, and help cool other food. For more, check out how to pack a cooler.

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Put non-perishable food items into one plastic bin, and your cookware, stove, fuel canisters, and utensils into another. This way, when it's time to make dinner, everything you need will be in one place and easy to access. If you're on a short trip, you can pile your dirty dishes back into the empty bin and take it home, where you'll have a real kitchen sink and dishwasher at your disposal. Here's a completely non-perishable camping dinner that combines dry and canned ingredients.

Among easy camping food ideas, this pasta dish is about as elegant as campfire cooking gets!

Your favorite campsite cook may have a dirty little secret: pre-cooking at home. Thursday's Spaghetti? Wednesday's Paella? Instead of chucking your leftovers, freeze them in plastic bags. When it's time to load up for the weekend camping trip, place your frozen dinner items strategically in your cooler so they can keep neighboring foods and drinks cool as they slowly defrost. You can also use the same technique with frozen juice concentrate cans and anything else in your freezer that you can eat or drink in camp.

If eating leftovers isn't your idea of a great meal for camp cooking, at least save yourself some trouble and prep your ingredients at home before the trip. Chop all the veggies, skewer your kebabs, make your salad dressing, and even pre-cook rice, sauces, and soups at home.