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This small chicken coop has a run with a green roof and would fit into the smallest of backyards. Building instructions and lots of color photos will help you turn this dream chicken coop into a reality. The Home Depot Blog. The Home Depot has a free chicken coop plan that mimics the classic red barn. This smart design makes it 32 square feet and able to hold up to 12 chickens. Included in this free chicken coop plan are a materials list, tools list, and step-by-step building instructions with corresponding photos and diagrams.

Ana White.

How to Build a Chicken Coop / Build a Chicken Coop Plan for 10 Chickens / Chicken Coop for Backyard

Ana White has designed a free chicken coop plan that's made in the shape of a basic shed. The plan includes a shopping list, building instructions, diagrams, color photos, and user-submitted builds based on the plan. This free chicken coop plan is for a stationary chicken coop that's very easy to build and quite weather resistant.

The PDF includes a material list, building instructions, and blueprints. Free Chicken Coop Blueprints from Lovetoknow. You'll be able to house eight chickens with this free chicken coop plan with extra room for storage and a hatchway. This free chicken coop plan includes lots of details including plans from all different sides, details about measurements, a material list, nesting box plans, and information about how to install ventilation. Downeast Thunder Farm. Downeast Thunder Farm has a lovely free chicken coop plan that builds a 4x8 chicken coop that includes a yard, run, clean outdoor, and electricity.

Download the free chicken coop plans as a PDF file for blueprints. There are also plenty of construction pictures to help you out. PVC Plans. This free chicken coop plan is super easy to put together because it's primarily made out of PVC pipes. There are three different styles of PVC chicken coops available here including a smaller option that would fit in a backyard. The woodworking plans at MyOutdoorPlans are easy to follow along with because they provide exploded, detailed views of, in this case, a chicken coop. This chicken coop measures 72" long and 48" wide.

It should take less than a day to build. As an added bonus, it's even portable. This free chicken coop plan includes a shopping list, tool list, written instructions, diagrams, and photos.

Chicken Coop Plans

You can also see other people's comments and photos who have used this plan to build their hens a haven. This chicken coop will hold 18 chickens who will have access to a fenced area, an indoor area, and nesting boxes for 3 hens. This very detailed DIY chicken coop plan includes diagrams, videos, and a cut list.

It will take you through each step of building the chicken house including how to build the nesting boxes, perches, litter tray, run, and much more. This portable chicken coop plan will make a quick day project because it incorporates an already built barn-style doghouse along with fencing to create a haven for your chickens. Urban Chicken Coop Plan. Before picking this option, however, make sure you have the extra time and energy needed to make this roof work.

That is for waterproofing it, adding a drainage system, securing the soil on the roof, and planting. For more information check out this article to learn how Rebecca Nickols and her husband built their own. This is one of the most common mobile chicken coops - read our in depth guide on chicken tractors here. It is generally small, for portability, but one of its most notable features is that it is floorless.

Therefore, chickens are in direct contact with the ground. Just like the traditional tractor, chickens can be moved around a terrain preparing the soil on the way as they dig, forage, and turn the ground around. In other words, this coop helps you to free-range chickens in a controlled way.

Rectangular Design

In turn, this allows for parts of the terrain that are outside their limits to remain untouched, and for the rest of the area to recover before the wacky little birds go back in. Fenced wire floors that have openings big enough for the chickens to eat and scratch through, are the trick for those who live in areas with burrowing predators. Despite all its pros, the major disadvantage of the chicken tractor is that it is usually not suited to small spaces, such as backyards or urban living areas, unless one builds a small one. Free printable coop plans ready for use! Generally bigger than the chicken tractor, the pastured poultry pen is mostly used to move large numbers of birds.

Besides providing the same benefits as those of a chicken tractor, poultry pens are simple in their design, and sturdy enough to withstand predators and harsh winds. Always be careful that no chickens are injured when moving your pen. Though this coop is normally used in medium or big terrains, a pen more reduced in space can be built to adapt to smaller flocks and smaller spaces.

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Built on big wheels, this coop is made for those chicken enthusiasts who have to move their flock long distances to new pastures and across rugged terrain. These can be used to build the coop as they come assembled or disassembled… the choice is yours. Although it may considerably vary from pallet to pallet, bear in mind that the quality of the wood might not be as good as when looking at other options So, if you get the chance, make sure to get your hands on the newest or least worn out pallets to avoid having to rebuild parts of your coop in a few months time.

Some people choose to build their coop entirely out of wooden wire spools, while others use them only to build parts of it. This is an example of how one can use recycled wire spools to create a petite hen house. Most of them, in fact, are made of wood and they have been for centuries. Naturally rot-resistant wood such as cedar, redwood, or tropical hardwoods are amongst the best to purchase.

Another appropriate option is exterior-use plywood. Altogether, wood is a natural breathable material that is highly flexible and adaptable even if modifications are required in the future. Plastic is a relatively new material when it comes to chicken coops and it frequently attracts people because of it easy to clean and zero-maintenance nature. Another reason why some are attracted to plastic coops is because they are less prone to housing red mites. They tend to cling onto chickens and wild birds when conditions work in their favour, but can also hide within small cracks inside the coops.

Because plastic presents a completely smooth and crackless surface, unlike wood, there are less chances of red mites becoming a plague inside the coop. Regardless of being stationary, small coops are easy to move from one spot to another.

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In fact, some chicken keepers choose having two small coops instead of a large one just to be able to move them around the area or to separate the flock when breeding. We went into detail about small coops here - check it out. Therefore, one has to inspect the backyard thoroughly to make a wise decision on where to place the coop.

20 Free DIY Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build This Weekend - DIY & Crafts

It is more practical in terms of feeding, watering, and cleaning to have a large coop over several small coops! Take a look at this chicken house for 20 chickens along with its free plans for 20 chickens! Though some pro full-time-free-range chicken keepers choose not to use it, hooking up a chicken run can truly benefit your flock.

One of the main perks is that you are giving them the freedom of safely roaming outside at night time, thus encouraging their natural behaviour. If, for instance, you leave town for a few days, a chicken run allows your birds to exit and access the coop at their own accord while safeguarding them from predators.

If it is not possible to free-range your chickens throughout the day, then the importance of a chicken run doubles, triples… or, maybe even, octuples! Only then will your flock be healthy, and the eggs they lay rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3, and Beta Carotene.