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I have been riding motorcycles since starting out on a Honda dirt bike at age From I was an Indianapolis Police Officer. I rode a police bike for 20 years of my career, from with annual training and riding testing. I have been a H. I can be reached by filling out the form online. Dan is a full time, full serve real estate broker which allows him to set his own schedule.

Dan has been riding since he was 12 and has seen his fair share of bumps and bruises.

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After a bad accident in , Dan chose to get more life out of this time on earth and has discovered a huge need to be ready for anything the open road brings. Once the kids left and made him an empty nester, he decided to volunteer more time to the riding community and saw the need for people to step up and help each other when the worst happens.

By Victor Hugo

Dan has been all about ASM since he took the classes in His focus on safety focuses on BOTH sides of the handlebars and he is always looking for ways to take training to a more professional level. I am currently working on my MSN with the focus being education. As you can see, education is a love of mine!

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I currently work as a PCU nurse with a focus in cardiac at a local hospital in my area. I have been an nurse since I was on a fire department for approximately a year as an EMT-B. For me nursing is not a career, it is a passion that I believe strongly in. I believe that is important to give back to my community and pay it forward in an effort to help others do what they love.

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I have been an avid motorcycle rider since and have ridden racetracks two up. I started my riding career with sport bikes and I now own a Harley Fat Bob. I prefer to be the passenger instead of the driver as I have gotten older. I have done more studying for nursing school than I can remember on the back of our Harley. There is just something about the open road that frees my mind and makes it easier to concentrate. Can you relate? I would love to be your instructor. Contact me and let me know how I can help get you and or your group trained in Accident Scene Management. He has been involved in the fire service and emergency service for the past 18 years.

Darrin is licensed as a chaplain trained in disaster spiritual care, public safety, and disaster response. Army Medical Service Corps. Darrin is an avid motorcycle rider and a member of the Iron Butt Association. He enjoys long trips and has traveled the historic route 66, ridden the Tail of the Dragon, and recently made a pilgrimage to Sturgis.

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He was also fortunate to be able to attend a Woodstock Harley Davidson Advanced Riding Academy class during the summer of Darrin may be contacted by filling out the form online. For information about scheduling classes please contact me by filling out the form online.

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Deby has been an active participant in anything with wheels most of her life. Her mechanical aptitude was nurtured from an early age as she worked on and restored many different cars, so her interest in motorcycles came naturally. Deby bought her first street bike at that time, a Honda VTX She has worked for over 30 years as a veterinary technician and received the hands on skills that go along with the day-to-day world of veterinary medicine, including emergency veterinary care.

She firmly believe in the mission of ASM training for all riders and being prepared for all situations. I have been riding motorcycles since I was a young child. Other deployments include Operation Restore Hope, Somalia and two deployments to Operation IRAQI Freedom where I was recognized for aiding and assisting wounded nationals as the result of a deadly night indirect fire attack. Thanks to three counties and the support of local officials and police escorts, over motorcycle riders rode over 65 miles with no incidents.

Joe has been riding since the age of 12 starting with a 65 cc Benelli mini-bike with proceeds from selling lemonade and cookies in front of a busy construction site. Currently Joe is riding a Tri-Glide in Hawaii and a custom springer trike in Dumaguete, Philippines where he enjoys riding through the mountains.

Joe received the Paramedic of the Year award in when he and his partner safely recued 36 people from a burning building at a time that was before Chicago Fire Department had a formal disaster response plan in place. In Joe was the medic for John Bennett when he became the first person to complete an open water scuba dive to a world record depth of 1, ft. Joe also has friends and family in Dumaguete, Philippines where he looks forward to teaching local bikers ASM classes. To contact Joe for classes in Hawaii or the Philippines fill out the form online. She received her endorsement when Maryland first required separate licensing in ; no written test was involved but a road test was required for grand-fathered riders if they passed the road test before the end of the year.

Jean got her husband, Phil, interested in motorcycling when they had an opportunity to check out all of the models while volunteering with MDA on the H-D Centennial Tour. They both thought the Road King fit them well. They added a matching sidecar the next year; since then, the resident German Shepherd first Ace and then King has enjoyed riding. Jean is licensed to practice in Georgia. Jean can be reached by filling out the form online. Phil can be reached by filling out the form online. Greetings from Panama City Beach!

My first bike was a Panhead FLH. Currently, I ride a Night Train.


Long distance riding is my passion! I feel everyone should take these classes and learn to save a life. Contact me to schedule a class or a presentation for your group. Her current bike is a 94 Harley Davidson Road King on which she has ridden over , miles. Her primary biking passions include long distance, cross-country travel and she has taken many such trips over the years.

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel - WHOA! I Wanna Read DAT!! [Ep.32]

Her clinical experiences include emergency rooms and intensive care units in hospitals in Austin and Houston TX. She also served for ten years in the U. Army Reserves, Army Nurse Corps and was an assistant professor in the healthcare management programs for a couple of university settings. She can be reached by filling out the form online. I hail originally from NY, Long Island to be specific. I now live in Port Richey, FL.

Our adviser was the administrator of the hospital, which gave us special privileges. It was fantastic. I logged hrs. I got myself to and from the Hospital with a Jawa Moped.

I believe very strongly in the ASM program and feel honored to now be an Instructor. In I was in a Severe Multi-Trauma Motorcycle accident and had it not been for the trained people who responded quickly, I would not be here. I believe that the more people who are trained the more people who can survive, not only for the Quantity of life, but the Quality of life. If we can make a difference I want to be a part of that. For a class or seminar, contact me by filling out the form online. Megan Posey is from Southbury, CT. She is one of many Field Training Officers and loves sharing her experience and knowledge to train new members.

Megan is a member of 2 motorcycle clubs in her area and is glad to be a Lead instructor and instructor trainer for ASM. As an EMT-I, she is part of a team that responds to many motorcycle accidents in her area. If I can help you or your group, please contact me by filling out the form online. This encompasses an area from Ft.

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I have been an ASM lead instructor since and believe all motorcyclists should have this training to know how to properly handle an injured motorcyclist and the accident scene. Please contact me by filling out the form online. She has 25 years of motorcycling experience with over , miles logged!